US Conservatives in Full-Blown Freak-Out Mode Over Obama Spending Christmas with Troops, Not at Church

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VIA AATTP – It’s finally happened.  The right wing knew it was only a matter of time.  There is finally indisputable proof that Barack Obama in not fit to be the President of the United States:  Instead of going to church on Christmas day, he had the unpatriotic AUDACITY to think that it was even REMOTELY appropriate to spend the day with over 500 troops celebrating Christmas with their families at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

Where’s the petition to have him impeached?  Hand it over immediately!

According to Breitbart, the UNFORGIVABLE acts by Obama and his family came right in the middle of his clearly opulent 15-day vacation, that  we all know George Bush NEVER would have taken.

Until late afternoon on Christmas Eve, Obama dedicated his day playing golf on one of the myriad golf courses in Hawaii. While Obama played golf, First Lady Michelle spoke with children on the phone for 30 minutes about Santa’s whereabouts.

On Christmas morning, the Obama family, “gathered around to open up their Christmas gifts and sing carols,” according to the pool report.  Later in the afternoon, the president spent two hours with about 580 troops and their families at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, otherwise known as “Chow Hall.”

And in a COMPLETELY time-wasting move, which shows just how lazy and disconnected Obama is to the people of the United States, he thought it would be an appropriate use of tax payer money to just hang around and take photos with each and every of the 580 troops and their families!

So much for what Obama said earlier this month about his views on Christmas:

Every year, we mark the holiday season with Celebration and good cheer…But, this is also a time to remember the story of a child born to two faithful travelers on a holy, night long ago.

What is this HORRIBLE president going to do next?  Spend Easter with sick children?  Serve turkey to the poor on Thanksgiving?  Hand out treats on Halloween?

The commenters on Breitbart have figured out the reason for Obama not going to church however, and if you take a look at what they are saying you’ll understand how it all makes TOTAL sense.

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