Rachel Maddow Levels Koch Brothers With Powerful On-Air Smack Down

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The Koch Brothers may have just discovered the fastest way to turn MSNBC’s quirkiest and most insightful prime time anchor into a one woman, no holds barred, smack down machine:  Try intimidating Rachel Maddow into renouncing her own reporting, simply because you don’t like the fact she reported the truth, and supplying her with a script to read on air prepared by your lawyers.

To close out her show Friday night, Rachel Maddow dedicated over nine minutes rehashing her reporting on the money trail leading from the pockets of conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch right down to organizations across the United States pushing failed and discriminatory drug testing laws for welfare recipients.

The hallmark failure of the these laws was seen most predominantly in Florida, where not only did mandatory drug testing of welfare recipients reveal a positive test rate of one-quarter of the general population, the law was also struck down in Florida as unconstitutional and permanently put on hold by a federal judge.

However, even though the Koch Brothers have given money to organizations such as the Florida Foundation for Government Accountability, and set up a bevy of official sounding groups in states across the country all using Koch money to try and push welfare drug testing policy into law, they’re not happy Maddow is talking about it and not only let her know it, they sent her a script they wanted read on air for her to denounce her own reporting on the story.

This was not a smart move at all.

Maddow DID have the statement handy during the segment, but it wasn’t so that she could read it, it was so she could hold it up in the air, place it back on the table and tell them in not so many words, where they could shove it.

“I’m not going to read their script,” said Maddow. “I’m not going to renounce my reporting on this story, because the story, stands.”

Maddow continued saying “You not wanting to be known for something you have done, is not the same thing as you not having done it … I will not read scripts to me provided by anyone else, I do not play requests.”

She kept it as light as possible, she smiled through gritted teeth to get it done, she made it clear in no uncertain terms that she won’t be pressured into backing down from her reporting or compromising her credibility, and then she once again graciously offered the Koch Brothers for the umpteenth time, the chance to come on her show.  Let’s all start holding our breath shall we?

Check out Maddow’s on-air smack down of the Koch Brothers, right here:


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