Watch CNN Reporter With ‘Contact High’ Giggle Her Way Through Story on Colorado Pot Laws (Video)

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VIA AATTP – Last week CNN reporter Randi Kaye got a little more than she bargained for while covering Colorado’s new pot laws, and the booming tourism industry exploding within the state.  Kaye spent the day following a 72-year-old grandmother named Barbara Harvey on one of these tours and when presenting the segment on Anderson Cooper 360 shortly after the tour, admitted on-air through giggles and smiling fits she was doing so with a “contact high.”

The entire segment is pretty hilarious on its own, as Barbara Harvey takes Randi Kaye along on her pot tour and the grandmother cannot hide or contain her giddiness as she goes from shop to shop on the tour purchasing pot products, edibles, and a container for saving half smoked joints called a “doob tube” that clearly tickles her funny bone.

At several points during the segment Harvey and her fellow tour companions are shown on camera lighting up joints in their tour limo and smoking them within, well, a nose’s reach of Randi Kaye and her crew.  Even before Kaye went live on Anderson Cooper 360 to present her segment, most people watching were pretty much expecting what happened next when Anderson Cooper asked Kaye, who was grinning from ear to ear, “How extensive was your research in the back of that limo?”  Her reply?

You know Anderson it was top-notch, we did very extensive research I have to tell you, my brain was a little fuzzy by the time I got out of there.  I wasn’t thinking right, I couldn’t remember even some of the questions that I wanted to ask in the interview which has never happened to me when I’m reporting in the field, and I found things to be really funny.  Much funnier than I normally do, so I think we got a little bit of a contact high.

Watch the entire segment below and laugh along as Randi Kaye goes from segment reporter to sativa reporter:


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