Coca-Cola’s Greed-Fuelled Support of LGBT Violence in Russia Summed Up in One POWERFUL Video

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VIA AATTP – As companies like Coca-Cola scramble to find moral justification, ANY moral justification to continue their support of the Sochi 2014 Olympics in Russia, it’s videos like the one released by Queer Nation NY (see below) that keep the fire to Coca-Cola’s feet as they support the horrific and sweeping anti-LGBT “gay propaganda” legislation in Russia that is killing and terrorizing gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans people in the country.

According to reporting done by the Advocate:

Queer Nation NY has released a video (below) that juxtaposes Coke’s early-1970s jingle “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” with images of LGBT demonstrators being abused in Russia. Coke recently defended the police detention of a man who unfurled a rainbow flag on the Olympic torch route in Russia in protest of the nation’s “gay propaganda” law. The company also asserted that it is “a strong supporter of the LGBT community” and an advocate “for inclusion and diversity,” in a statement provided to AmericaBlog.

Numerous celebrities and Olympic athletes have come out against the “gay propaganda” laws enacted in Russia, including outspoken social media guru George Takei who has even called for a boycott of the games during on appearance on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell.

“There are athletes that are gay or lesbian and their supporters are gay or lesbian too, and they are being put in danger. And if something horrific happens — and it’s very likely given the kind of history of what’s been happening there — the responsibility is great,” Takei said during the interview.

“The [International Olympic Committee] is giving an international platform to Putin,” Takei went on to say. “We need to learn from history. In 1936, the Berlin Olympics happened. Three years before that, Hitler came to power and began his gradual campaign of horror against the Jewish people – and he got legitimacy throughout the world, and he got more power. He got that status and that’s precisely what we’re giving Putin with the Olympics being held there.”

In a further attempt to draw attention to the unspeakable persecution that the LGBT community is suffering under Putin and the “gay propaganda” laws, online protesters have usurped the McDonald’s #cheerstosochi hashtag on Twitter using it to slam McDonald’s and Coca-Cola for supporting what many are calling “The Games of Hate”.

Watch the powerful video produced by Queer Nation NY that shows just the type of hatred and intolerance that Coca-Cola is sponsoring in Russia during the Sochi Games.

h/t: The Advocate


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