These Bad Drivers Were Invited To Their Own Funerals Without Knowing It (Video)

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 11.47.32 AM

There are few things more terrifying and heartbreaking in this world than the late night phone call from the police or a family member with devastating news that we all dread.  For a group of drivers caught speeding, their actions did not result in their friends and families getting “the call” from authorities, but it did end up in them being invited to their own funerals without knowing it.

Watch as friends, sisters, mothers and family members say goodbye to their loved ones as they sit in the same room as them, and then watch as those same caring people ask their loved one to change their driving habits so the funeral they are sitting at, doesn’t become a reality.  Make sure your Closed Captions on YouTube are turned on to get the full effect.




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