This Video Of A Cat Running Into A Glass Door Is A Cat Video Everyone Can Enjoy


Love them or hate them, there is no indication that cat videos on the Internet are going anywhere but up any time soon.  Cat videos, – much like how Crossfit and the Paleo Diet are joined at the hip – are pretty much the fuel that the Internet runs on, and there is now a cat video that cat lovers and cat haters alike can enjoy together.

During recent filming for the television show “La meilleure boulangerie de France”, or for those who don’t know how to use Google Translate “The Best Bakery in France”, a feline tried to run away with the show through a display of catlike cuteness, but was thwarted by one of the few natural enemies known to feline-kind:  a glass door.

Watch the video below, and leave a comment below whether you’re a cat person, a dog person, or an anything else in between person.

h/t BuzzFeed




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