Look At What Happened When Bespoke Post Tried To Email Phish Canadians On Facebook

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Underneath the cool, polite demeanours that Canadians have a world-wide reputation for, there lies a special reserve of angst and finger wagging for when their good natures are taken advantage of which the Bespoke Post website is finding out the hard way.

For only $45 a month, Bespoke Post wants to send you a box of “awesome” stuff that they have decided is “awesome”, and send it to you without knowing a single thing about you, but before you can even go on their website to see their “awesome” stuff you have to give up your email address just to gain access.  That’s not “awesome.”

This is what’s known as email phishing, and it’s a practice that most websites won’t touch because of the negative sentiment it builds towards their products and brands.  Having to give your email address to access a site before you even know what’s on it, is like asking someone for their phone number so you can call them the next day and try to sell them Amway.  Sure, it’s totally legal, but so is marrying your cousin in numerous American states, but it doesn’t mean anyone should do it.

In May of 2014, Bespoke Post began running a Facebook sponsored ad directly focused at Canadians, and since it’s inception, the response has been nothing short of a disaster for the site.  Check out the hipster inspired ad that has been targeting Canadians:

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.35.18 AM

And now, check out how Canadians have responded to the company on that ad:

Bespoke Post PhishingBasically, the only thing the sponsored Facebook ad did was to turn Canadians off of the website, and the apparently “useless” items they are selling behind what Canucks are labelling as an email phishing campaign.  As one Facebook user wrote:

Looks like you dudes are going to have to change your MO. Show first, email later. Good luck.

Good luck indeed.

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