Drunk Student Froshers Use Street Crawl To Trash Montreal Residential Area With Beer Cans And Vomit

Behold, in all their academic glory, the future leaders of tomorrow who were caught on video during an organized Montreal Frosh activity on September 2, 2014 as they shotgunned beer through plastic horns, littered the street with beer cans, and vomited on just about everything in Montreal’s Plateau residential district.

The fun began at about 10:15PM Wednesday night, when hordes of drunken, wound up first year university students converged on the grounds of the Mont Royal metro station and started blustering unintelligible cheers and chants into the evening sky amid a chorus of unending sporting event horns being sounded gleefully.

Groups of students then broke off into smaller groups and paraded through the residential area alerting all within earshot that yes, oh yes, September classes were finally here. Rejoice one, rejoice all!

It was during this disturbance that a group of 15 to 20 students ducked into a quiet secluded street and produced a bounty of beers that were then force fed to other students down their plastic horns and into their eager bellies, causing at least one student to vomit on the corner of a residential building.

As empty beer cans began littering the street with clicks and clanks, and home owners started peering out through their curtains and stepping out onto their patios to see what the kerfuffle was all about, the students were quickly rounded up by their group leaders, shushed, and herded away.

To think, that one of these students, per chance the brave soul vomiting up his barley brew, will be operating on your brain in the future, is something you should think about long and hard while you still can.

UPDATE – September 3rd, 2014:  Daniel Chaim, Vice President of Internal for the Students’ Society of McGill University clarified that the sponsored shirts being worn by the students in the video are in no way linked or associated with McGill or their frosh activities.


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