Scruff Founder Offers Public Apology For Facebook Post While Dodging Privacy Concerns


Two days after publicly shaming a customer on Facebook for not accepting a date, Johnny Skandros the founder of the gay social app Scruff offered a public apology that failed to address any of the security and privacy concerns Scruff users have been demanding.

I’ve always worked hard to connect with people on social media by being open and accessible. That means I share a lot of my personal side openly. A few days ago, I made a post on my personal Facebook page about a guy I had messaged on SCRUFF, and how I didn’t receive a response when I chatted him. My post was meant to let people know that I go through the same issues that they do, good and bad, rejection included.


Regretfully, I attached a screenshot that included an identifiable profile photo. I realized my mistake and removed the post within minutes. The post wasn’t meant to “shame” and simply stated that I didn’t receive a response, an experience many of us go through. I have apologized privately to the member. To everyone else who follows me on social media, I also apologize.



The apology came due to Skandros publicly shaming a user in a post on his personal Facebook account, after his offer to take the user on a date was not responded to.

I messaged this guy to chat and see if he wanted (sic) go on a date.  No response.  See, I go through the same shit you guys do.  Happy Saturday.

Skandros_Facebook_PostIn the original post on this website where the story was broken, a list of questions regarding security and privacy concerns of Scruff users were posed to Skandros and Scruff which were not addressed in his public apology.  

Skandros framed his apology in the form of a small personal indiscretion while ignoring and pushing aside the greater implications of his actions. Taking a page from some of the greatest political scandals in the world, Skandros has decided to treat this as a “personal matter” and not that of a professional one.

JP Knapic, a Scruff user and follower of Johnny Skandros on social media witnessed the original post and described his first reaction to the post as disbelief.

My first reaction was disbelief. How irresponsible, amateur, and quite frankly immature could a founder of a company be? Publicly shaming a customer for using the app as he chooses is just unacceptable no matter what the rationale was behind intent. That’s like Social Media 101! You don’t see the CEO of McDonald’s standing outside of his restaurants calling his patrons “fat f*cks” or posting that to comments made on social media, you just don’t do that to your customers. They are your customers first Johnny, and your Friday night piece of *ss second.

In his attempt to “connect” with his customers, Skandros tried to take off his founder’s shoes, throw on some cross-trainers and walk a mile with them, but after “<250 feet” he stepped in it big time with his Facebook post.  Skandros took the sting of rejection, and the pang of deflation that people often get using social apps and made one of his customers the poster boy for it.

For everyone who was tired of that kind of “shit” there was now a face and profile to pin all those shattered dreams and lonely nights to:  the handsome man in green had now become the embodiment of the asshole that shits on everyone.  So congratulations Johnny, that’s yours. You did that.  Which is probably the reason why that profile now has this written on it:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 2.26.06 PM

If Johnny Skandros and Scruff want to refuse to answer the questions asked in the first article because I was asking them, that’s one thing, but when the innocent bystander that Johnny Skandros thrust into the middle of this entire debate is deleting his account because of privacy concerns, then maybe they can answer the following questions for him.  He deserves answers the most.

  • Has Scruff broken its own user agreement or privacy policy with the post that was made?
  • How can users of the Scruff app be assured that their photos and profile names or not being posted elsewhere on the Internet by Scruff staff?
  • Have any customers filed complaints or grievances against Johnny Skandros in the past for being targeted or punished after refusing offers or invitations from him?
  • Does Johnny Skandros have access to the personal information and data of Scruff customers and users that he engages in chats with?
  • What safeguards are in place to ensure that the personal information and data of Scruff customers that Johnny Skandros chats with while using the app are not used for the purposes of retribution, harassment, intimidation or bribery?
  • Is Scruff concerned that Johnny Skandros has now set an example that its customers and user should publicly shame people who do not accept invitations or requests?
  • Has the post made by Johnny Skanros caused the company to question his ability to remain at the company?
  • What changes will Scruff be making to their policies and procedures to ensure that this type of incident does not happen in the future.
  • Will Johnny Skandros resign over the post?

It’s time to start talking Johnny … 






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