If The Huffington Post And ‘The Stylist’ Think These Are Plus Sized Models, Society Is Doomed

Photo:  Facebook (Huffington Post Canada)

Photo: Facebook (Huffington Post Canada)

Not one, but two major online publications (we’re looking at you Huffington Post and The Stylist) apparently need to offer their editorial teams better eye care coverage after an article in praise of plus sized fashion upset many Facebook users by sporting a thumbnail photo featuring some very, obviously, totally, completely, unmistakably NOT plus sized models.

The article, originally written by “The Stylist”, was posted to the Huffington Post Canada Facebook page Saturday night, and although it was intended to mark a historic occasion for plus sized fashion lovers, it ended up making the complete opposite statement instead.

Fashion history has been made, thanks to U.K. retailer Evans.

The fashion chain proved “high fashion is for all” by debuting London Fashion Week’s first-ever plus-size runway show on Tuesday to present its new line, Design Collective for Evans.

And then the Facebook commenced …

Photo:  Facebook

Photo: Facebook

  • “Why are the photos not from the actual event, then??? Hellooooooooooo, is there ANYBODY at home at Huff Po these days???
  • I’M plus size…these women are average size. It’s great that some designers are finally making clothes that fit most of the population…but, they need to stop referring to them as plus-sized.
  • And so, of course, your cover photo is of the anorexic crowd – not one of whom were in the fashion show to which the story refers.
  • I’m waiting for the pictures of the plus-sized models …
  • Don’t look plus-sized to me. Get real!

If anyone at The Stylist needs a little refresher on how to set a proper thumbnail photo, shoot me an email and I’ll walk you through it … it’s so easy, even a monkey professional editor can do it.


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