Jeromie Williams has proven rock star experience successfully running, managing and growing elite Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Hootsuite, and Word Press accounts for numerous high-profile clients and with his extensive writing and sharp editorial experience, he is one stop social media shop.  Not everyone gets to boast that they once worked on “Team Hef” and pulled the strings behind the scenes for Playboy.com and The Smoking Jacket, but this guy sure can.

Jeromie Williams can also point towards an incredibly successful contract with the infamous penny auction site Beezid.com where he created such impressive social media and ad campaigns that they were used as a template by industry competitors like Quibids as an example of “what to do.”

Jeromie Williams is also a native Vancouverite living in Montreal, who has had stops in Calgary, Whitehorse, Quebec City, Ecuador and Bolivia along the way. An outspoken and highly vocal personality, he has been an online force for over ten years, gracing the pages of online publications such as Examiner.com, Digital Journal, The Big Slice, Addicting Info, and 2B Mag and has acted in the capacity of Contributing Editor at The Gaily, and Managing Editor at Liberal America and Pet Pardons News.

By trade Jeromie Williams is a powerhouse of creativity and imagination in his career as a video game designer and director, having worked his way up from the crowded testing room floor onto the design teams for several high-end projects on both the Wii and the XBOX Kinect.

In 2009, Jeromie Williams and a team of three other colleagues took second place at a 48 hour video game design competition winning the crowd favourite award for their game “Match Null” which was labelled as the “sleeper hit” of the event.  Jeromie is primed to re-enter the video game market and is always on the lookout for interesting leads.

In 2003, Jeromie Williams completed his certified courses in Documentary Film at the Vancouver Film School, finishing the course at the top of his class and as of now is working on several concepts that he is excited to put into development.

In his free time, Jeromie Williams enjoys volunteering his talents at numerous non-profit organizations in between his healthy obsession of all things Rachel Maddow and brewing new and interesting flavours of kombucha in his kitchen.  A self-taught chef, Jeromie is always either cooking something up on the stove or jarring his own sauces, pickles and peppers.

Back off Martha Stewart, that’s my flan, not yours.

Jeromie Williams can always be reached at:  jeromie@jeromiewilliams.com

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