Founder Of Scruff Gay Social App Publicly Shames Customer On Facebook For Not Accepting Dinner Invitation

Johnny Skandros, the founder of the gay social app Scruff, used Facebook to publicly shame a customer who did not reply to a dinner invitation.


Trans Woman Shatters Anti-Gay Bigot’s Bill, Dares Him to Stone Her to Death (Video)

You do not see a video like this every day, because quite frankly, there are not many people in this world with the stones big enough to do what one Louisiana trans woman did to protect the rights and freedoms of LGBT people in the city Shreveport.

A Little Bit Of Harper History Repeating Itself

The following is an article I wrote on the day of the 2011 Canadian election that still rings true today.  Robo-calling, slick tricks and pushing the envelope of legality, compliments of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives: In an interview this morning with Bill Good on CKNW in Vancouver, Stephen Harper openly campaigned for the Conservative Party of…

News Articles Detailing Proposed Canadian Internet Surveillance Bill Disappear From Web

At least three articles informing Canadians about the proposed “Bill C-51” more formally called the “Lawful Access” law have suddenly been taken down from Canadian news sites. The proposed bill will allow the Canadian government to require internet service providers to monitor and log the online and cellular activities of their customers and will give…