Meet Baby the Labrador Retriever – Pet Pardons Pet of the Day

Elmsford, New York – The Pet Pardons organization released an urgent bulletin Thursday asking the public for their help in finding a home for Baby, a nine-year-old male Labrador Retriever who has spent his entire life being shuffled and bounced from shelter to shelter, never once knowing the comfort and warmth that a loving owner can bring.

Baby truly is the face of just how depressing, lonely and heart breaking the life of an animal in shelter care can be. Sleeping alone each night in a small confining kennel, the amplified barks of hundreds of other dogs constantly ringing in your ears and absolutely no freedom to step outside and run free like a dog is meant to do.

Most interaction with any person is done through metal cage bars and is quick and brief, aside from the times when someone stops for a minute or two with sad eyes asking you “how on earth did you end up here,” and then moves along to the next cage. This is what Baby has to look forward to each day, and has lived for over 3,300 days of his life.

Members of the Pet Pardons community are given daily Facebook bulletins and updates, allowing them to share the stories of pets in need or even take direct action to adopt or donate money to save the life of the pet. The reasons for how these animals end up in shelters are as numerous as the reasons why there are so many dedicated volunteers working hard every day to save innocent lives.

The Pet Pardons Facebook application has been responsible for the successful adoption of over 10,000 pets since its launch in December of 2010 and has amassed over 360,000 followers on Facebook who are ready to help advocate for an animal in need at a moment’s notice.

Pet Pardons allows its members to help pets by clicking the “Advocate” button on each pet’s profile, which places the pet’s bulletin on the user’s wall, allowing others to see the pet and advocate for it. As the number of shares increases, so do the chances of the pet being viewed by someone who can help or adopt.

There are numerous challenges that shelters face each and every day in adopting out senior dogs like Baby, because when placed beside younger, healthier and more energetic adoptees, senior dogs often get ignored and overlooked.  In the case of Baby, another more taboo and surprising factor could be in play because of the colour of his fur.  

An adoption bias called “Black Dog Syndrome” is a phenomenon that is well known to shelter workers and rescue organizations across the nation. Black dogs are much more difficult to find homes for because of cultural, historical and emotional biases towards the colour black.  Regardless of all the hurdles and obstacles in front of Baby, he is hopeful that one day soon the face that comes to his cage and says “how on earth did you end up in here,” will also be the face that says “you’re coming home with me.”

Pet Pardons educates the public about pet overpopulation, focusing on the importance of adoption and spay/neuter. By shining a light on the reality for shelter pets, people are becoming aware of the problem, and therefore, getting involved in the solution. As each amazing pet is featured, users are able to see their faces, connect with their stories, and advocate to save their lives.

Pet and animal advocacy can sometimes be a very emotional process.  Volunteers place animals into the Pet Pardons application in hopes that they will be adopted into loving homes, not so that the shelters will be targeted and harassed.  Please help the pets by not engaging in this type of behavior, as it hurts them far more than it helps them.

Baby currently has 2 advocates on the Pet Pardons application, and could use a lot more, especially those who would be willing to supply transportation to a new forever home if needed.

If you are interested in learning more about Baby or you would like to adopt him, please click right here to go straight to his Pet Pardons profile.

If you are interested in joining the Pet Pardons community on Facebook, you can do so by clicking here, because the next shelter pet given a second chance at life could be the one that you save today.

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48 thoughts on “Meet Baby the Labrador Retriever – Pet Pardons Pet of the Day

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  2. UPDATE ON HEALTH FOR BABY: Spoke with the Director of the Shelter and Baby has a possible medical condition (asthma). The vet is confirming. So Baby needs to be adopted LOCALLY (cannot be transported) and walks slow and needs to be with a quiet home so he spend the rest of his days in a comfy bed. As soon as we know we will post.



    • Was he ever adopted? Only seeing this now (from a friend on Facebook), in the summer of 2012. I have two black Labrador Retrievers. One is a very slowed-down 12-year-old and the other is a very speedy and active 2-year-old. I have heard often about the difficulties getting black dogs adopted. I was walking my black Labs one afternoon, where we are allowed to have them off-leash, and they approached an older woman with a small dog. I recognized her from her regular walks with a woman who has a yellow Lab. She grabbed her dog, held it over her head and started to shout. I retrieved my dogs and pointed out that the only difference between my two Labs and her friend’s is the color. Yellow = good, black, apparently = dangerous and threatening. Such a shame.


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  4. I’ve had Labs my entire life. Currently have one rescue that we adopted as an adult. I am concerned about Baby’s ability to adjust to a home setting, after being institutionalized for so long.

    We had adopted an older Lab once, who had been part of a large puppy mill, closed down by the state, and many of the dogs were sadly put down. But we adopted one of the Labs, who had been a “mother” in the mill for several years. She went from the mill to a shelter, to a foster, to us. When we got her, she had absolutely no concept of how to be in a home. We had to teach her everything, from how to walk on different surfaces (including grass), to how to not try to dive through glass windows, go up and down stairs, even how to respond to a name. She had never had a name. She was somewhere between a wild animal and an object. So very, very sad. We taught her how to be a dog. She learned quite a bit from us.

    But we couldn’t keep her. We worked with her daily for about three years, but her OCD behaviors were just too much. Licking, pacing, thundering around whenever the kids came close. She was unable to relax. It was getting unsafe for our kids. Without any support from the rescue organization or our vet, we had to make some tough decisions. Because we had a contract with the rescue, they had to take her back (albeit, begrudgingly). They later adopted her back out to another family. I wonder what they disclosed this time.

    I feel like the rescue organization worked very hard to place her, so hard, that perhaps they didn’t disclose her full history with us, or really even try to observe her range of behaviors. They were satisfied that there was already another Lab in the house, and that perhaps the influence of this Lab would be enough to help her (it did help, but it wasn’t the solution). She had a very hard time adjusting. Her nervous behaviors never did cease, and as our children grew into toddlers, she started becoming unsafely anxious.

    I just want to caution that Bear might have difficulties adjusting. The family needs to be really prepared and ready for anything. I hope your organization is able to evaluate Bear and inform the family upfront of where he’s at, as well as provide continuing support, should Bear need it.


    • Julie,

      Thank you for voicing your concerns about Baby being in the Shelter. Please anyone seriously interested in adopting can talk directly with the dog trainer at the Shelter. They can talk with you regarding any issues he may have. And will be a great resource after you adopt Baby.

      The shelter is absolutely wonderful. Feel free to call and to talk with the trainer directly.

      Thank you,


    • I understand what you wrote, but I think you underestimated the rescue league that has her. I adopted a Shepard that was nothing but a breeding dog for 9 years, left in a kennel all on her own, spitting out puppies year after year..It took all of 6 months to turn her in to one of the best dogs I have ever known. I miss her everyday! She had 5 good years with me and you are right I did have to teach her everything, but I would do it all again!


  5. I want to bring baby home. This tears me apart. I actually feel sick, I want to do so much, and yet I have no money, and those that do could help every state . Love to Baby from Lori, Princess Boo-Boo (mastiff ) and KIKI a shih .


  6. I am so hoping Jarred takes Baby!! I live in So. Cal and just had to put down my 15 1/2 year old black lab and 16 1/2 yellow lab in the last month! I am heart broken and I would take him if I could. His story is so sad. He needs to know what a loving home feels like before he dies. Please post if Jarred does not end up responding.


  7. Yes, the dreaded “Black Dog Syndrome” is alive and well here isn’t it? I have seen so many black dogs get passed by when I worked at the local shelter where I live and all over the Facebook pages and everywhere. It is so sad to see an angel left behind like this..How horrible for this baby to live his entire life in a shelter??!! I LOVE black dogs and cats and everything..It’s really so sad…I pray for this baby boy to find a place to go b/c he deserves a home just like any other dog does. I think we need to keep sharing him as much as possible..Who cares about how old he matter for that b/c he deserves to live, whatever life he has, in a home and not dying in a shelter..even if it’s of old age, who cares??!! He needs to have a home..PERIOD! I will keep sharing him any time I can and I see him..Praying for this innocent angel finding a home before Christmas..Lots of love and prayers for him now!


    • There is transport available to anywhere, even Texas. Please look on the Pet Pardons site on facebook. If links are not up, just put out your plea. Someone will answer real quick. The Pet Pardons community is ready to help.


      • I offered to help transport, I live in Michigan, just outside of Detroit, but after sleeping on this and talking to my husband, I don’t want to just transport!! We will adopt “Baby”. We do have 12 cats ( I do cat rescue) and one dog. If “Baby” could get along with all of us, we would be willing to make sure it worked. I have Vet references, (lots) and will be able to drive about 100 miles round trip to get him.. If you can help get him here, we will take him and give him his forever home!! Our one dog “Cricket is a rescue too” Go look at my facebook page and check out my happy cats!


  8. Baby was brought into the cat room…he did not go after cats but finds them interesting and is curious. If you are serious about adopting Baby please go to the Shelter and they will bring him back into the cat room again for more observation. Thanks. xoxo KP


  9. Baby has had kennel mates so the Shelter says good with other dogs but would want you to bring your dog to meet Baby to make sure before you adopt Baby.

    Older kids are good with Baby too…they are cat testing Baby as I type this.



  10. Jarred: I grew up in Pougkeepsie, NY and spent my later years in New Windsor, NY. We often went to the Elmsford Dinner Theater. Awesome people — New Yorkers! In the true spirit of what ‘Christ’mas is really all about, give yourself a gift… the gift of loving this very precious animal. The love you’ll get in return cannot be measured. Bless you!


  11. he is gorgeous but I live in Scotland…where (incidently) black labradors are really really popular. They are great dogs and this one deserves a really happy home. I’ll keep praying that he gets that forever home.




    • sandi.. i do as well but i cant seem to find the advocate button for baby. if u or anyone can find out how to advocate for him can u please let me know.


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